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Greystone Program
A Long-Term Residence for the Severe and Persistently Mentally Ill

Greystone Program is a private, long-term community residential rehabilitation program designed to meet the special needs of adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder and other major mental illnesses. Opened in 1980, Greystone House community is located in Northeast Philadelphia on the grounds of Friends Hospital, the nation's first private psychiatric hospital. The program is housed within two assisted living residences, known as Greystone House and Hillside House.

The mission of Greystone House is to significantly enhance the quality of life for those with chronic mental illness through health maintenance, a sense of purpose and a productive lifestyle.

Program Description

Our therapeutic community is designed to develop a balance of structured and unstructured time, emphasizing the skills of a daily living community partnership. Our recovery and health maintenance psychoeducation model targets the individual needs and abilities of each resident. Length of stay is open-ended, but typically a resident stays at Greystone for 3 months or longer. Some residents have transitioned to more independent setting while others have made Greystone their permanent residence.   

We strive to:

(1)   Increase the residents' knowledge about psychiatric-mental illness, psychiatric- mental health maintenance and available support systems.       


(2)   Develop residents' ability to manage symptoms, prevent relapse and develop long term health maintenance strategies.


(3)   Develop the residents' ability to re-integrate into the community or into the least restrictive treatment setting. It may be determined that Greystone become the permenant residence.


(4)  Increase the residents' long term ability to succeed through purposeful activity such as volunteer work or job coaching.




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Treatment Team

The treatment team consists of a Medical Director, who is a board certified psychiatrist, a Program Director, who is an Advanced Practice Nurse and Clinical Specialist in Adult Mental Health and Psychiatry, Attending Psychiatrist for each resident, a Registered Nurse, a Social Worker and Resident Advisors.

Evaluation and Admission

The program is designed specifically for persons with a history of long-standing psychiatric-mental illness and failed treatment in other settings who are able and willing to participate in a structured community program. If you have a family member, friends, or client who you feel may be appropriate for The Greystone Program, please call or write to the Greystone Director.  It is important that the person you are referring meets the following criteria:

The process of acceptance involves an initial screening by the Greystone Program Director, followed, if appropriate, by an on-site visit by the prospective resident and a family member or guardian. Unfortunately, insurance and third party payers do not cover the cost of this important program.

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Greystone Program is a member of the American Residential Treatment Association.




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